Customer Complaints and Feedback

1. AIM:

Defining the actions to be taken in the event of complaints and appeals


It covers the identification and workflow plan for the resolution of complaints and appeals from customers or other interested parties.


-TS EN ISO/IEC 17020: June 2012

-FR-07-051 Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

-FR-07-052 Customer Complaint Form

-FR-07-053 Customer Information Form




4.1.1. Global evaluates all technical and/or commercial complaints and appeals coming from the customer in orand/or written form during and after its activities in accordance with the following stages. Global publishes the stages of “complaints and appeals” on the website for easy access of the customers.

- Receiving a complaint or an appeal: Notices on this subject may come from customers or 3rd parties.

- Relevance to Inspection Activity: It is determined whether the complaint or appeal is related to the inspections performed by Global.

- Evaluation: Factors such as the commercial or technical characteristics of the complaint or appeal, the degree to which they affect the inspections are examined.

- Responsibilities: Regardless of whether the incident is caused by personnel, method or equipment, independent individuals are assigned and the necessary activities are planned. Global is responsible for carrying out the activities deemed necessary.

- Reporting: Planned activities are explained to the customer. Continuous information is given about the operational phases and the results are transmitted to the customer in a report.

- Confidentiality rules are followed at every stage of the process, and the results that may cause discriminatory activities are not created.




In case of receiving any complaints or appeals regarding inspection activities, the Quality Manager does record all the details such as the location, time, and related personnel in the FR-07-052 Customer Complaint Form and informs the Company Manager. The Company Manager makes the necessary appointments for the evaluation of the matter by non-discriminatory, impartial personnel and/or the commission in accordance with the steps below. In order for the appeal regarding the relevant inspection process to be evaluated, an appeal application must be made within 30 days from the sending of the report to the customer. Otherwise, the appeal will not evaluated.  

5.1.1. Receipt of a Complaint or Appeal: Written and/or verbally received information is recorded in the FR-07-052 Customer Complaint Form. If it is an event that may affect the result of the inspection, the information is collected through different channels and the inspection process is stopped if necessary.

5.1.2. Relevance to Inspection Activity: Once the necessary information about the problems underlying the complaint or appeal is collected and verified, it is decided whether it is related to the inspection activities. If it is determined that it is not related to the inspection activity, written and/or oral information is given to the customer or the person concerned.

5.1.3. Evaluation: Depending on the type of complaint or appeal received, technical complaints are examined by the Technical Responsible, commercial complaints are reviewed by the Company Manager and necessary activities are planned. At every stage of the planned activities, information is provided by communicating with the customer.

5.1.4. Responsibilities: If the complaint or appeal is related to the inspection activity, it is decided to initiate corrective action by considering all its dimensions. The activities to be carried out are planned. Personnel to carry out these activities are determined. Preliminary information is given to the customer within 7 days at the latest regarding the evaluation of the appeal, the starting date of the corrective actions, and the methods to be followed. If possible, the proceedings are repeated under the supervision of the objector. Corrective actions are completed within a maximum of 15 days. If it is necessary to provide information and documents or to get opinions from third-party organizations or experts, an additional 15-day period may be requested for the completion of corrective actions, provided that the objector is notified in writing within 15 days from the date of appeal. According to the size of the appeal, the company manager decides whether the investigation is to be conducted secretly or openly.

When the appeal relates to the results of inspection activities; inspection conditions, equipment, and responsible personnel are identified. Necessary investigations are carried out on the scope of inspection, equipment accuracy, personnel competence and so on. The source of the appeal;

i) From the Inspection Equipment: If the error related to the appeal is found to be due to the inspection equipment, the device-equipment is immediately stopped and the correctness of the device-equipment is checked. According to the decision to be taken, the results of the inspections performed with the same equipment are examined retrospectively. The calibration and accuracy of the device or equipment is ensured.

ii) From the Inspection Staff: If the appeal is caused by the Inspection Staff, the work done by the relevant personnel and the other inspection procedures are examined. All necessary information is taken from the inspection staff and the responsible manager.

iii) From Inspection Methods: If it is so severe as to damage Global's service commitments, the company manager holds a meeting with the management personnel, and a decision is taken for the methods to be followed and the sanctions to be applied.

When necessary, cooperation with other inspection organizations or official institutions is ensured to appoint an independent expert. Global is responsible for decisions in the appeals handling process. The investigation and decision regarding the appeal are concluded in a way that does not lead to discriminatory attitudes. The results are reported by the Quality Manager, communicated to the relevant parties, and discussed separately at the Management Review meetings.

If the appellant has made any legal application, the necessary activities are initiated and the legal process is followed.

5.1.5. Reporting: Activities related to Technical Complaints are reported by the Technical Responsible, and activities related to commercial complaints are reported by the Quality Manager and shared with the customer. The reports prepared as a result of the complaints are discussed and evaluated separately at an interim meeting or at the Management Review meetings.



The Quality Manager collects information about the inspections annually to obtain positive or negative feedback from the customers. For this purpose, the FR-07-051 Customer Satisfaction Survey Form is used. The subjects mentioned in the form are asked to be evaluated by the customer. In this evaluation of over 5 points, if any issue is given 1 or 2 points, the Quality Manager reports the situation to the Company Manager. If the Company Manager decides that the matter is to be reviewed and evaluated, a joint evaluation is made on the issue by taking the opinions of the relevant personnel. According to the results of this evaluation, a meeting is held or the subject is decided to be discussed in the next Management Review Meeting. Based on the results of the evaluations to be held at the meetings, it is decided to open a corrective action or remove the issue from the agenda.




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